Ladies Club Lausanne

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Ladies Club Lausanne - PMI Spouses is an informal group offering friendship and support among women living in the area.

Our primary goal is to encourage fellowship, facilitate relocation to Switzerland and make our time spent here easier and even more pleasant. LCL’s social network (we have a group on WhatsApp and Facebook) gives opportunities to share ideas, advise each other, problem solve and provide career support.

The Club meets every first Friday of the month – on Seasonal Gatherings or Monthly Meetups. Additionally, we organize other activities, such as workshops, museum visits, various trips, etc. We also run groups for Club members, like Book Group, Health Pros, Wine Group and projects within the LCL.

The Club was created in 2016 by Mag Simm, after returning from Indonesia, where she and her family relocated for her husband’s profession. Today, the Club has grown to 100+ women, with almost 40 different nationalities, ready to help each other build happy lives in a new place.

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