At Apropos Hub we strongly believe in the power of the community - professional, as well as local. By providing space for development, we aim to create a network of businesses and people who will thus be able to collaborate in order to grow.

Coworking Nomad desks in The HEART Room

Meet some of the entrepreneurs that have already joined us

Moonlight Photography - Mag Simm

Moonlight Photography

Budoir photography

Mag Simm is the photographer behind Moonlight Photography, a personal branding and boudoir photography service in the Lausanne area, looking to empower women by capturing their intimate beauty in professional photos.

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Orga Kuzmina Interiors

Olga Kuzmina Interiors

Interior designer

Olga is the founder of Olga Kuzmina Interiors, an interior design studio based in Lausanne, specialising in creating beautiful and comfortable interiors in an easy and affordable way.

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Merawki Cuisine Vivante

Raw cuisine

Notre défi est de concevoir des expériences gastronomiques exclusives qui éveillent les émotions et enrichissent les sens. Dans nos événements, vous vous ouvrirez à un monde de saveurs gourmandes à travers de nouvelles recettes ou en réinventant les anciens classiques.

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Home Studio Poetic Yoga


Poetic Yoga est un home studio où vous pouvez pratiquer le Yoga, dans le respect des valeurs de la sagesse, de l’amour et de la confiance.

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The Kultur Quest - Katarzyna Grzesik-Harz

The Kultur Quest

Intercultural Training & Consulting

Created in 2018 by Katarzyna Grzesik-Harz, The Kultur Quest is a company that provides vital cultural insights to ensure individuals, families, students and business to succeed in our increasingly global community.

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