Apropos Hub is a work hub located in the center of Saint-Sulpice (Lausanne, Switzerland).

We welcome small business owners and creators in their entrepreneurial journey by offering space where they can conduct various activities related to their business - workshops, classes, meetings, meet-ups, product launches, seminars, trainings and more.

But we strive to be more than just a simple location.

We realize that small businesses are most of the times very personal. They often stem from passions, hobbies or personal beliefs. In a sense, small businesses are the most sincere form of entrepreneurship.

Apropos Hub is itself a small business. We understand, we’re enthusiastic, we love brainstorming, discussing ideas and finding solutions, and we like to think that we can help you.

Coworking Nomad desks in The HEART Room

Our values

We're committed to supporting the local community of entrepreneurs.

The concept for Apropos Hub is built on our experience in Business Development. We’ve acquired this experience working in the corporate world, but we’ve always wanted to do something that has a positive impact locally. Something meaningful.

This is how we think we can help. By filling the gaps. By putting you in contact with peer entrepreneurs who do what you might lack. By creating a network of professionals bridged by collaboration, who come together as a community to address problems that concern us all.

And we want to make Apropos Hub the basecamp of this ecosystem.

We believe in creativity and sustainability.

We love the environment as much as we love the community. We believe in recycling and repurposing, and we do ourserves if possible.

We’ve repurposed some of the pieces of furniture left behind by the business occupying the premise before we took over. We’ve spent days giving new life to old chairs rather than throwing them away. We’ve decorated with many hand-made objects created at DIY classes held at Apropos Hub by members of our beautiful community. And even some of the coffee cups are made by ourselves at pottery classes!

Come see for yourself! Or, better yet, join our classes and create something of your own!

We offer solutions for


who want to share their passion with others

Groups or communities

in need of a place for gatherings, meet-ups or other activities


looking for an occasional or permanent office away from home


that need a space to test ideas, but aren’t yet ready to invest in rent for an office

Meet the hosts

Adina Dorthe

My profile is a blend between an executive’s holistic view of the business, project manager’s structure and engineer’s analytical skills. Curiosity, efficiency and perseverance help me obtaining long-term impact in every work I do.

Mirabela Vasile

I am an ecosystem builder by nature and it is what keeps my curiosity and energy engaged both at work and in my personal life. I like to help people become a better version of themselves by creating systems that sustain their development on a larger scale and on the long run in harmony with the nature and in respect of the other.

Patricia San Narciso

Ever since I moved to Saint-Sulpice, I use my skills in accounting, DIY and sports, bringing practical solutions to the community problems. Being part of the Apropos Hub team gives me the opportunity to take my contribution to the community to the next level.

The space

Coworking Nomad desks in The HEART Room

The HEART Space

The HEART Room is our most bustling room. We also refer to it as the networking area. It’s a place where we meet and interact with other membes of our community. Since it’s connected to our small, open-space kitchen, it’s the perfect place to have a nice conversation over a cup of coffee or tea.

The SOUL Space

It’s the place where events take place. At 55 m², it’s our most spacious room.

The MIND Space

The MIND Room is where intensive thinking happens. 🙂 It’s where our fixed coworking desks are located. It’s quiet and separated from the rest of the space, so professionals working here will be able to stay focused and won’t be bothered by background noise.